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Piece of my Mind

Jokerlady's Psychoses

8 May 1970
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Hi. my name is Isabel Gonzalez and I am a veterinarian in Minneola FLA. Ahh the Sunshine state...

My friends recommeded this place to vent, to share, to communicate with a vast community...here is what I'm here for. I want to put a place in the net that screams with my personality and my point of view.

To start with...Im 38 years old, but young at heart so dont be scared about goofing around, because I will be the first one to not take anything seriously (starting by myself) the same way that I don't take anything at face value...

Dont like to judge...to me that is the greatest sin of all and it is nothing better than to get to know a person 360 degrees around before emitting a judgement.
I hate gossip, and indifference.

I love people who speak for themselves, are not afraid to be a little crazy, and have no problems making fun of themselves every once in a while. Life is too short to keep frowning

I have some requirements for the people I meet:

1. Require the use of a brain and the manual on how to use it properly. Misuse of your brain could result in permanent damage to someone else. So when interacting...read your handbook

2. I am very open minded on my acquaintances. Dont mind politic orientation, sexual orientation, religion...but you have to be tolerant of other points of view

3. Be yourself...I hate double faced people. Leave that to the Batman universe. There is nothing wrong with being yourself as long as is au natural

I have a mySpace account, a Deviantart accoutnand

I also write fanfiction on Fanfiction.net under the name Jokerlady...for those interested