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July Checklist

1.  San Diego Comic Con Tickets........CHECK!

2.  Hotel Reservations...........................CHECK!

3.  Airplane Tickets................................CHECK!

4.  Complete list of artists with their artwork to sign...................SUPER CHECK!

I am so freaking ready for this trip!!!

Let me introduce you to....FUNNY MAN!

This was something I found in my little archive of oddities.  It was a superhero concept from the creator or Superman and was actually published for a while.  Appears to me, the writers were reading Detective Comics/Batman too long.  It is almost a Joker rip off....

Well, if there was ever going to be a Joker hero....
I really wanted to go to the San Diego Comic Con last year for my 40th birthday.  Yes, I'm old for this shit, but I've always dreamed of getting to this big convention at least once in my lifetime....like visiting MECCA. Unforturnately didnt know that this event would sold so quickly and missed my chance to go.  I promised myself this would not happen this year...that is, until I tried to buy my tickets from TICKETLEAP (Who the fuck are these guys anyways?)

Well, the site that is handling the ticketin, TICKETLEAP,  sucks big time.  First of all 4 day passes were sold out even before the site started at 9 am PST.  Yes, sold out even before they opened sales....well, let's give them mo' money and buy the tickets individually.  Well, that was another nightmare.  Have been hours in front of my computer and could only get a hold onf one Saturday and one Sunday tickets.  Consider me lucky???  Maybe, but only if not getting the tickets for all days was my fault.  It's this fucking site.

I loaded and reloaded and reloaded the freaking screens so many times I'm surprised that the computer has not burned out.  And not only that, I had been able to select the days I wanna go, and the freaking system butts me out of the site and my reservations afther a few clicks of the mouse.  Is that fair? I don't think so.

I think that the people at SDCC should learn from their mistakes and definitely use their brains instead of their asses to think this process through.  There is a proven event seller that has been doing business for years with little or no complaints, its called TICKET MASTER.  I dealt with them when I bought the tickets for Elton John's last tour and I have no complaints about it.  They were a little slow which is comprehensible since they were so many people trying to go to his concenter, and I'm sure they would have been able to handle this mess..but it seems that if they would have used them the profits would not have been that much, eh SDCC?  Yeah, you earned a few thousand more in revenue, but have a bunch of unhappy custormers who would put you down on the net in a heart beat.  At least I got tickets for two days but what about those that have been hours in front of their screens like me but didnt get a single ticket?  I'm sure they are ecstatic

Thanks for doing such a disgusting job SDCC.  At least learn from your mistakes and next time use TICKET MASTER to sell your event.







I can't stop laughing!!!

There are so many crazy people in the world, but the craziest of them all are the ones that create these fantasies on their heads that the world is against them and they are the victims of that world.  I laugh because deep enough, I know those idiots just imagine these things to justify their actions and look good to themselves when they look at the mirror. They twist reality in an effort to create a lie they can believe, because the truth is too scary to face alone. They have no any real personality, so they create these "characters" to play in their little fake lives, creating plots for them in a futile effort to feel some type of control of their lives. Lies give meaning to their lives, makes them...somebody.

News, guys...keep believing your little lies and living these fake little lives if they make you feel better, but REAL life goes on outiside your window and one day it's gonna hit you all on your face or even better, bite you on the ass because you cannot delete it or edit it like an email or a blog (Oh, and everybody knows the truth because the truth is out there and if you don't see it, I can make it even clearer to you all).  Then I will be in the first row enjoying the show, because there is nothing funnier than seeing an idiot splat against a wall. And idiots are really a whole bunch of nobodies the world would not remember when they die.

No, I can't hold a grudge...because all I feel is pity...for 1.02 nanoseconds.  Then I burst in laughter because stupid people are just hilarious!


My Halloween Costume 2010

Ok I have been out of the scene too long.  Time to get on with the year...

So this year for Halloween, I decided to do a heavy makeup costume and chose no other than one of my ever favorite:  WEREWOLVES.

Yes, I love the furry fiends that roam the nights of full moon for their dinner. I had done it once but had used just makeup to create the effects, not too good if you ask me.  I wanted to give it a little more realism.  So here it is, my full costume plus a detail of the makeup:

Wanna see the whole process? Well go on...I dare you.

The makeup process is under here...click!Collapse )

Would I do ti again?  Probably...the looks I got were worth all the work, and the few screams from the terrified children was music to my ears (they always came back for the candy though).  Am I a little sadistic?  Probably, but what you want?  It's Halloween..  

I think that next year I'm going to be a zombie...or a mummy.


Life is not fair...

Got diagonosed yesterday....I got the chickenpox.

Yeah, sure I get to be one week out of work, but I'm virtually locked in my house for that week.  Where is the fun on that?  If only I knew who got me the damn chickenpox...I hope he or she is feeling ten times worse than me.  Oh well.  Time to catch on some old episodes of HOUSE (have season five and six to watch) and have to keep on  some reading that is long overdue :

      1.  Stolen by Kelly Armstrong and hopefully her sequel, Frostbitten
      2. The Mammoth Book of Wolfmen, a copilation of short stories on werewolves by several acclaimed authors
      3.  Warped Passages by Lisa Randall
      4.  Last Two weeks of Comics... and check on Previews to see if there is anything I want to order.  I think this time I will indulge myself with a few things this month.

Also hope to keep writing my little stories.  Have a few good ideas for Playmate, then a short story I'm working on and also for my alternate universe Joker story.  They all feel so abandoned and its because i have to work so damn hard every day...

Well, enough ranting...it's time for my next dose of the antiviral to see if I get rid of this thing faster...


Updates about DCU ONLINE and ARKHAM CITY

For those Joker lovers that are looking forward to PRE ORDERING a copy of DCU Online, one word of advice.  Your best bet would be to order it through GAMESTOP because they have the best ADD-ON in the whole wide world:  The Joker Confetti Bomb.  I just had to do it.  Also it will be goo to know that GAMESTOP is already taking Pre-orders for the upcoming ARKHAM CITY even when they dont have a final release date and are not sure if they will come up with a SPECIAL EDITION COLLECTOR'S SET (but I hope they will)

They also were kind enough to get me a copy of the special edition GAMEINFORMER with the latest on the game.  I'm including the cover and scans from that article for your enjoyment.  My scanner is not the best int the world, and hope you can read it with no problems, otherwise let me know and I will type the whole articel myself.

Here are the scans.
More Scans on ARKHAM CITY under the cut...Collapse )
Hope you guys really enjoyed it as much as I did!!!

I need to take FIVE...

Wheeew!  What a busy week I just had.

First is the fact that I had just finished writing chapters for my fanfics that I have to admit I have left a little abandoned lately, but they are finally done.   If only I could figure out why people are not reviewing Comedy Overdrive?  That question is taking a lot of space on my neurons...and it annoys me that I don't seem to be able to get an answer.  Not that I believe all my stories are wonderfu or anything...but someone out there must have an opinion to share on Comedy, no? I would even take the reviews that the story sucks at its core, I  don't care as someone tells me something.  Heck ,I still consider myself a writer in training and without my betas, I don't know if people would read me at all,

KICHI and DOLL, you are just amazing. Love you both. Thank you so much for helping.

Luckily the other stories (I'm writing three more) are very alive and healthy.  That is for me very inspiring, and the reason I keep writing. I have to be very thankful to the fans for such a positve response to them.  That means that as a writer, I am capable of producing a piece of work that is both enticing and entertaining.  The fans keep my muse breathing, thanks, guys.

Anyways, I'm also hosting a new community here in LJ for fanfic writers.  A combination between Writer's block resource site and a Collaborative story made by the members of the community. All this centered under the wing of my favorite obsession...JOKER.  I don't know if this is going to be successful or not (*crossing fingers*) but I hope it is. 

On top of that, I am working on a discussion group for Joker fans... I have it right now as a google group, but I want to expand to make it all encompassing, so maybe I need to get a blog program and start thinking big.  I have looked at a few programs, and so far, Worpress seems the easiest to use, you see...I am an old fart that really knows nothing about blogging, web design and the such.  I'm learning as I  go (and painfully I must admit).

And there is one idea in my head that doesn't want to leave me alone...There is a BIG Joker/Harley site on the web, and a few smaller Jokercentric ones out there. I dont want to shot the competition down , but I would love for all Jokerholics to have ONE LARGE SITE where we can all co-exist, while retaining our individual tastes and preferences(comics, movies, fanfiction, slash...I don't care  the walk of life they are on).  I want us to be known as THE JOKER  FAN CYBER-COMMUNITY, united for the love of our favorite psycho and I'm terrified people will get it the wrong way.  Damn insecurity...  Maybe I need to just ask them if that if what they want instead of going through all this stress and drama.  Maybe I should even ask them what is it they want.  Maybe they just want the status quo..who knows.? Anyways....how do I get to them out there? We are all so...scattered in the web.  A bunch here and there (LJ, Comic Vine, MySpace)... we are just everywhere.

Man...I want this fan club to be as big as that freaking OFFICIAL STAR TREK FAN CLUB, or the INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF TREKKERS, or THE STARWARS FAN CLUB. I know we can be big and powerful... if we unite.

Holy Molly!... If any in my f-list wants to help me with this project...even if its just ideas... Please come forward, because this project is overwhelming.

Thirdly.  I've decided to back to drawing.  Being a veterinarian occupies most of my daylight time, but I have a little secret.  Not that I don't like what I do, but before a scientist I am an artist and I need to do things...lots of creative things in order to stay sane (mmm, well I don't know how sane I am, but at least keep myself happy).  My nights are filled with all kind of crap from writing to painting to researching.  Have more art books than the local library, and its time I put them to use.  Yes, I'm painting, and drawing and then I needed to add a new thing to my repertoir...DIGITAL ART.  Yep. I'm doing it digitally now.  Got MS PAINT, that sucks...finally a decent one called ART RAGE STUDIO Pro which allowed me a lot of artistic freedom and just myself a copy of COREL PAINTER 11 which I have to get used to since its a little more complicated than any of the others.  The next project is to get myself ADOBE PHOTOSHOP, but the freaking program is so damn expensive... Then a larger tablet since mine is...average.  Maybe one day I can be the artist I dreamed of becoming when I was a kid,(while still keeping my daytime job).  Oh, and some day I will do computer animation too...I have already two programs I need to learn to use.

So that is my  life in a nutshell.  Working 8-5,  5 days a week. Writing, painting, blogging, and still reading my weekly comics at night.  I think my day is full. Can I request a 27hr day so I can get some sleep? 

This past weekend, after a self imposed exile from the world, I decided to do what I like most and wrote some stories and started painting again.  I've always painted in pencil, ink and paper, but this time I wanted to try something special:  I wanted to experiment in the digital realm.  This painting (which is still in progress because have to work the background a little more, because it is still too bland and the edges are still 'dirty') is original, based in a story I am writing.  The slashy tone is intentional so don't flame me.  It was digitalized and colored using a BAMBOO drawing tablet  and ArtRage pro. 

This is my first piece in digital art. Please let me know if you like it, and if you would like to see more .  All opinions are welcomed,

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